Thursday, May 7, 2009


I gotta say good things are coming for me. .1 School's out in a week .2 I won't be stuck in school 7 hours a day. 3 Its almost summer. and 4 none of my friends can tackle me in football. And that happened to me today on May 7 2009. Well me and my friend were playing football and every time I had the ball nobody could get me in running to get a touchdown they were on my knees! I have to build a bridge out of Popsicle sticks then I have to draw a drawing on my bridge THEN I have to write a two page report on it and its due on the last day of school which is in two days.I'm bored so BYE ['_']


  1. I'm very happy you are almost done with school for the year because that means no more homework to check, no more school at home on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, no more picking you up from school on Tuesday and Thursday, no more forcing you to shower on school nights!!! I am ready for a break and i KNOW you are ready!! Summers gonna be fun with college for kids, camp, and bunches of cousin time!!! I love you and I am proud of your straight A's!! Mom